@keyoxide First off, thank you - for your work, and also for the way you respond to toots. I find it important to say that once in a while 😊.
Now, I have a question. I'm selfhosting, but not using docker. I installed from git, set up a systemd service for the node command, and put it behind an Apache reverse proxy. I just pulled, and now QR codes aren't being generated anymore. Are there any new requirements I need to install to get this back? Commit: 3f05acb0c8a6605696fc85c39bb34c125d5884ef

@haru thank you 😊 it is my privilege to have people invest their valuable time in my project!

This is peculiar: I did recently switch to a different QR library that is npm-able… Have you tried running "npm install" again?

@keyoxide No, I hadn't. Now it works. Thank you. I'm on extremely shaky ground with nodejs. I was just glad that I figured out how to run it after you made the switch from PHP, where I'm much more comfortable 😁. But I'm not overly fond of Docker, either, so I try to run natively as much as possible.

@haru I understand… Sorry about the PHP-NodeJS switch, I did it because it will help me with future development of other parts of a "keyoxide ecosystem" 🙂 but I still miss PHP sometimes 😉

guess we need a new PHP client!

@keyoxide Hey, you're the developer, you can use whatever you think is best. This is your baby 😉. I wasn't complaining, just explaining why I didn't figure this out myself.

@keyoxide And no, I'm not a developer, so I can't help with building a new PHP client, sorry... 😜. I just know enough that I can run PHP based web apps and solve my problems with a little search-fu. I'm actually in awe of anybody who can build web app, no matter what language. I *do* still have a (very large) PHP book lying around here, but I never made it past the basics. I still have hope, though.

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