"September has been a busy month for malicious Android apps, with dozens of them from a single malware family alone flooding either Google Play or third-party markets [...]"

Well, I know one place where it won't be found. Just switch to @fdroidorg 😎


@fribbledom Hubzilla / Zap / Mistpark (where I spend most of my social media time; this Mastodon instance was really just to try it out, and then I decided I might as well follow Mastodon accounts from here) subscribes you as soon as you interact, whether it's a like or a comment. Also, there are manual "follow" and "unfollow" buttons for each thread.

@Tutanota Thank you for the work you do, and for taking a stand. I'm still not a regular user, mostly because of the so far pretty limited filtering capabilities, but I'm still going to keep my paid account because I believe in what you're doing. Keep it up!

@fribbledom Very nice! Debian unstable here, works great. Also - hooray, a plain, old-fashioned deb file - thankyouthankyouthankyou 🙇‍♀️

@fedilab I'm on Google free LineageOS. I wouldn't feel comfortable voting on this because I know I'm biased, and it's also easy for me to say, oh go ahead, who cares about Google. But I also know that a lot of people don't have that option, for whatever reason. I would say, however, if you, as the developer, think *not* putting it on the Play Store is the right thing to do, then go ahead. This restriction certainly sucks, and if it was my software, I'm not sure I would go along with it either.

@e_mydata Now that MicroG supports the Exposure Notifications API, is this feature coming to /e/? Thanks.

New on let's you open links from other apps in a private window. For me that's a huge plus. I always used to use Firefox Focus (Klar in Germany) to open links out of my RSS reader because so many news sites are full of trackers. This is better.

Huh? Why would they object to that? I think I'm not getting something... Other than that the big G has way too much power, that is.

@keyoxide And no, I'm not a developer, so I can't help with building a new PHP client, sorry... 😜. I just know enough that I can run PHP based web apps and solve my problems with a little search-fu. I'm actually in awe of anybody who can build web app, no matter what language. I *do* still have a (very large) PHP book lying around here, but I never made it past the basics. I still have hope, though.

@keyoxide Hey, you're the developer, you can use whatever you think is best. This is your baby 😉. I wasn't complaining, just explaining why I didn't figure this out myself.

@keyoxide No, I hadn't. Now it works. Thank you. I'm on extremely shaky ground with nodejs. I was just glad that I figured out how to run it after you made the switch from PHP, where I'm much more comfortable 😁. But I'm not overly fond of Docker, either, so I try to run natively as much as possible.

@keyoxide First off, thank you - for your work, and also for the way you respond to toots. I find it important to say that once in a while 😊.
Now, I have a question. I'm selfhosting, but not using docker. I installed from git, set up a systemd service for the node command, and put it behind an Apache reverse proxy. I just pulled, and now QR codes aren't being generated anymore. Are there any new requirements I need to install to get this back? Commit: 3f05acb0c8a6605696fc85c39bb34c125d5884ef

@keyoxide I looked into generating the XMPP / OMEMO URI with Gajim, and it's actually not as difficult as the Keyoxide documentation makes it sound. You just need a phone with a barcode scanner. In an OMEMO encrypted conversation in Gajim, click on the shield at the bottom, then "Own Fingerprint", then scan the code with a generic barcode scanner (not Conversations).

@mansr @fribbledom I think this might be of help as far as website rendering goes:

According to Mozilla's "What's new" page, "Enhanced Tracking Protection is set to Strict by default." When you manually change this setting, they even tell you that this might break some sites.


@keyoxide Yes, that's exactly the idea. Since Keyoxide generates a mailto link, it would look completely normal to a person, but a bot wouldn't see anything useful, I'm guessing. That makes this another great use case.

@keyoxide I want to see if I understand something correctly...

The proof page is being generated on the fly by the browser, right? So if I embed an iframe on a contact page with the source in the form of keyoxide.org/<keyfingerprint>, wouldn't that protect my e-mail address from spam bots crawling the web for e-mail addresses?

@pingviini @fribbledom I'm kind of divided on the issue. On the one hand, I have been using what used to be called Firefox Preview since version 3.0, released in December, and I find that I really like it. As a matter of fact, I just switched to the nightly builds a few days ago. On the other hand, I also had the Firefox talk with a 72-year-old today, so I understand the frustration as well.

@fribbledom For anybody who would prefer the "old" Firefox, there's Fennec on F-Droid, which is currently based on FF 68.11.0. And even if the F-Droid version gets updated, at least F-Droid lets you pick which version you want to install. Plus, unless you have the privileged extension installed, it won't auto-update anyway.


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